Preparing for Special Dinner Functions

Elegant table set up for dinnerIf a special dinner function is part of your travel itinerary, you will probably want to be fully prepared for these occasions and enjoy them thoroughly. Here are a few pointers to help you get ready – from the chauffeuring service you should get to being dressed to the nines and still travel light.

Book A Reliable Chauffeuring Service

It is very important that you get to your dinner function relaxed and ready to have a good time. If your appointment is really important, don’t be late and don’t get stressed waiting for a taxi. Expert chauffeuring services will make a big difference in how confident you will be when you make your entrance into a room full of people that you will be socializing with for the night.

Be Ready with Your Words

If you are attending a special dinner, be ready with a toast or a short message in case you are asked to say something. If you are attending a relatively formal affair, remember that it is safest to allow the host or the hostess to make the first toast. After the first toast, you as a guest can follow suit. Toasts are generally made standing up so people can take notice and listen.

Brush up on Protocol

If part of your trip includes special dinner functions where important diplomats or members of royalty will be in attendance. Brush up on protocol and find out how people are to be greeted, addressed and introduced. Ambassadors are addressed as Mr. Ambassador or Madame Ambassador. Furthermore, introductions are made with the junior official introduced to the senior official. In a formal dinner, it is generally best to stick to the more formal way of addressing people instead of using first names upon introduction.

Dress Appropriately

Find out how formal your special dinners are going to be so you can dress appropriately. For really formal dinners, the recommendation would be long evening dresses for women. And a coat and tie for men. Make sure you choose something you will feel confident in.

Special dinner functions can be boring and exhausting when you are ill-prepared for them that’s why good chauffeuring service and the right clothes are a must.

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