Mercedes-Benz 16 Seater Minibus

Experience the Executive Minibuses’ Difference

Are you looking for a ride suitable for a large group? Book one of the chauffeured 16 seater minibuses from Leicester Executive Chauffeurs today. Enjoy a superbly comfortable ride within luxurious interiors. In all likelihood, your requirements would include plenty of space, enough seats for everyone, and a good-looking vehicle.

Mercedes 16 Seater Executive Mini-Coach Inside Experience the difference.

Unlike regular minibuses, executive minibuses offer plenty of leg room in a well-designed seating arrangement. The aisle is wide enough, and there’s even a luggage space at the rear, which caters for all eventualities. Want to go on a long road-trip all of a sudden? You can pack a huge bag and other travel equipment without the worries. You can use the same vehicle to take you to the racecourse, sports stadium or camping ground. Accommodating up to 16 passengers, ferrying the gang from one place to another, in and around Leicester or the rest of Leicestershire, won’t be a problem.

The advantage of chauffeured coaches or minibuses is that you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Leave all the driving to a chauffeur, and just enjoy the scenery, or take the time to talk and bond with other passengers. If you happen to be travelling around Leicestershire for the first time, booking one of the chauffeured 16 seater minibuses or coaches would take the hassle of reading a map or depending on a GPS to get you from one place to another. Leicester Executive Chauffeurs has reliable drivers with local knowledge of the area, including small towns, such as Leicester. They make a better GPS or guide. As a company offering executive travel, you’re guaranteed a safe and secure trip. It doesn’t even matter how far or how long you need to travel, as long as you have a secure and comfortable ride.

Mercedes 16 Seater Executive Mini-Coach InsideLeicester Executive Chauffeurs

Because Leicester Executive Chauffeurs are committed to providing you with a premium service, your trip would be an executive travel experience. It won’t be a bumpy ride either since our vehicles are chosen to be reliable and roadworthy. Aside from chauffeured coaches and minibuses, there are also 4-passenger vehicles available for a more intimate ride. All our vehicles for hire are equipped with modern amenities and facilities that contribute to a comfortable ride overall. Combined with a professional and friendly service all the time, any time, your trip would be enjoyable no matter the distance.

Now, whether you’re travelling in a small or large group, it is wise to hire Leicester Executive Chauffeurs for all your transfer needs. Our company not only offers premium vehicles for hire for different events but also charter services for special occasions. Hire chauffeured coaches to take you to a major horse racing event. Or a chauffeured 16 seater minibuses to take the entire family or students to the Premier League stadiums. Professional and courteous chauffeurs will collect you at your door, and then deliver you to your destination in style. Our executive travel service will be delivered beyond your expectations. So how about you book one for your next road trip with the gang?

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