Executive Travels and Spa Days

Spa Days

Deadlines to meet, meetings to attend to and kids to take care of when at home – there are a lot of people out there who need a break. However, a break is not enough for busy bees to get the relaxation that is needed and wanted. So, when you are out on executive travel, take the opportunity to take a break once you’re done with work or meetings. Start with a luxury travel to a spa on board an elegant car that can take you to the most lavish spa. There is no need to get stressed navigating the roads, beating the traffic and finding directions; a professional chauffeur can take all of that with a smile.

Forget about the hustle and bustle of the moment. A perfect spa will let the world of work and stress banish from the moment you step on its threshold. The relaxing ambience, the soft lights and music, and the scent of flowers and aromatherapy that pervades the air are enough to let you forget all stressors.


Getting spa treatments, unwinding and relaxing has a number of health benefits. Enjoy the moment as you change into a robe and bask in a steam bath, sauna or hot tub. Start with the basic spa treatments such as facials and body treatments. Take a pick from their menu; shall it be a body wrap or a body scrub? What have you neglected daily – manicure, pedicure, haircut and hair styling? They can provide those services too, but make sure you talk to the esthetician about what is good for you.

After these basic spa treatments, you can bask with a massage; the most common reason for tired executives to relax. If you have a preferred massage, request for it, but you may also explore a bit by asking for the specialty of the house. It can be a Thai massage, reflexology, hot stone massage or something else.

Spa Days

Your spa days are rare moments; take advantage of it. Remember that pampering yourself and feeling serene are things you deserve to get every once in a while. Once done, what about another luxurious drive back to your hotel to stretch your languorous moment? Your professional chauffeur is just waiting for you.

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