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Whether it’s a staycation or a weekend trip, Leicester Executive Chauffeurs want you to experience that luxury holiday feeling starting at the moment you leave your home. Which is where our VIP Holiday Chauffeur service comes in. We’ll collect you right from your door, load your luggage and drop you off either at the airport or your accommodation, anywhere in the UK, with the upmost comfort and convenience. Furthermore our Holiday Chauffeur service will help take the hassle and stress out of long complex journeys such as holidays to Devon or Cornwall, which can be nearly a whole day’s worth of driving. Our service will allow you to relax instead, with your family or holiday companions and get in that holiday mood. Enjoy our 4G in-car WiFi and relax.

Save Money With Holiday Chauffeurs

You can save money with our UK Holiday Chauffeur service, especially if you are large family by not wasting money on expensive rail tickets or car rentals, the later would also incur further costs such as petrol and insurance which can be avoided by hiring a Holiday Chauffeur service. Our fleet includes Mercedes mini coaches and MPV V Class vans, with electronic doors allowing you to board easily without touching any main points. We’ll also have plenty of room for your luggage too.

Safety Is Paramount

Your safety is paramount, which is why we’ve introduced a range of safety measures to all of our vehicles and chauffeurs during Covid-19. This includes:
  • FREE PPE provided for all passengers, such as face masks and antibacterial hand gel
  • Extensive deep cleaning before and after each journey
  • Protective high quality partition screens in all of our vehicles, to reduce the spread of potential viruses and germs
  • Social distancing for on-boarding luggage. Leave your luggage by the boot and we’ll load and unload this at a safe social distance
  • Strict policies of refusing chauffeurs to work if they feel unwell, regardless of their illness type, to ensure client safety as a priority
mercedes v class

Location, Location, Location

We’ll take you anywhere in the UK and pick you up too, with our all-inclusive Holiday Chauffeur service. So all that’s left to do now is to book your holiday. Suggestions include B&Bs, cottages, AirBnB, holiday parks such as Centre Parks or Hoeseasons. Locations include the natural beauty of The Lake District, with over 2,000 square kilometres to explore, which offers secluded beach experiences. Or Porthcurno, Cornwall is a tiny village which is stunning during the summer and often mistaken for a Mediterranean destination. The Porthcurno beach itself is said to have very photogenic waves, which is also ideal for surfers. And Wroxham has been likened to the Venice or Netherlands, with it’s endlessly flat landscapes. Take a boat out cruising during the open waters, or enjoy canoeing and sailing.

Book Your Holiday Chauffeur

So why book with us? Well our company has over ten years of professional chauffeur experience and has been rated No.1 on FreeIndex in the UK for chauffeur services and 5/5 stars on Trust Pilot. All of our chauffeurs are friendly and reliable. You can book online using our online form. And if you have any enquiries, please get in touch by completing the contact form online. Finally you contact us by phone or email for a no obligation chat. Tel:  0116 3214 161 Email: travel@lec.ltd
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