Mercedes-Benz Executive Chauffeured Coaches

Mercedes-Benz Executive Chauffeured Coaches

Chauffeured Coaches: The Best Ride for a Group Ride

Transportation and logistics are two of the most important considerations when scheduling a day trip or a corporate trip. Good thing there are hire companies that will cater to your transfer needs, one of which is Leicester Executive Chauffeurs. What makes them different from other providers of charter services, however, is that they offer executive travel, which translates to travelling in comfort and style aboard a Mercedes-Benz executive chauffeured coach. The choice of vehicle alone tells a lot about the kind of services the company provides – premium services in Leicester, around Leicestershire, and all over the UK. Whether you book one of the chauffeured 16 seater minibuses or coaches, you will experience professional and friendly services. Along with these are benefits that a charter coach can offer.

Arrive on time and in a group. If any of the guests or participants of a corporate trip takes separate rides, who knows when the party can start? Some people are likely to be late because it was hard to get a ride, or they got stuck in traffic. So when everyone takes the same coach at the same time, everyone would reach a destination at the same time. What is even better is that chauffeured coaches are driven by someone who knows their way around. With local knowledge of the best possible route, the entire crew can avoid traffic and arrive on time. If a group is travelling to Leicestershire for the first time, hiring chauffeured coaches or minibuses would eliminate the possibility of getting lost, missing out on the fun and wasting time.

Save transportation costs. Driving from one destination to the other can mean paying for fuel, tolls, and repair fees, in the event of a vehicle malfunction. If only one person shoulders all these, the amount could add up. But when you hire coaches, you only pay a one-time fee for the chauffeur services, and the hire company would take care of the rest, including the cost of repairs, if and when vehicle troubles occur. But isn’t chauffeured coaches expensive? If the cost is split evenly among the group, it will become affordable.

Convenient travel. If you’re behind the wheel, you’re going to experience nearly everything the road throws your way – traffic, dust, crazy motorists and many others. How can you possibly enjoy the scenery under the circumstances? Aboard chauffeured executive minibuses or coaches, you can just sit back, relax and leave the driving to the chauffeur. Even if you get stuck in traffic, you would be spared from major frustration of driving a vehicle in a slow-moving or bumper-to-bumper traffic. Choose chauffeured coaches from Leicester Executive Chauffeurs and you can practically forget you’re on the road, what with the in-vehicle facilities and amenities you can enjoy. Moreover, you don’t need to stress about asking for directions if you’re visiting a particular destination for the first time. Again, let the driver take care of all the details.

You see? Hiring a chauffeured coach offers several advantages over public transportation and driving to your destination all on your own. So when travelling in large groups to the racecourse, sports stadium or The London Eye, book a Mercedes-Benz executive chauffeured coach.

The Mercedes Executive Coach is a stylish way to move large groups in comfort and safety. Coaches are available with either 29, 34 or 52 seats.

This vehicle is an excellent choice for sightseeing, airport and harbour transfers, commercial site visits, private hires, day trips and shuttle services.

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