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Tips For A Cruise Of A Lifetime

The cruising season is beginning, so if you’re going on a cruise soon, or you want to book a cruise, why not read our top tips to ensure you’re ready for a cruise of a lifetime.

Choose Your Cruise Carefully

Different cruise companies will inevitably attract different crowds. With Saga and Fred Olson attracting the over 50s. Whilst Royal Carribean will attract younger families. There is the option to go on adult-only cruises or to cruise during term time only.

You could always start with a mini-cruise, rather than a full on 7+ day cruise. This will give you a taste of what it’s like to be cruising and there are a range of closer destinations before you try long haul, for example, France and Bruges are popular mini-cruise destinations.

Pack Efficiently

Think about the stops on your cruise, the excursions you might be taking, night time entertainment and the weather. Ensure you pack a range of clothes, for different occasions such as evening dress for dinner, loose-fitting clothing for excursions and warm clothes should the temperature change. Find out what the dress code is for certain restaurants before you depart, so you aren’t turned away from restaurants onboard.

And don’t forget to pack your essentials in your carry on, whilst you wait for your suitcase to arrive to your room which can take time. Finally, don’t forget those elasticated clothes for the end of the cruise. After days of buffet food and fine dining in the evenings, you’ll find the clothes you wore on day one could be a bit tight.

Think Ahead

If you’ve not been on a cruise before, you might suffer from seasickness, especially if the weather turns and the sea is a bit choppy. Pack sea sickness tablets just in case. Think about your favourite cuppa in the morning, many cruisers bring their own tea bags so they aren’t without a decent cuppa. Some cruises do not include drinks, tips or free excursions so think about how much money you need to bring with you realistically. Buying a drinks package could be more economical than buying drinks individually, when taking into account tips, service charges and exchange rates.

Also, think about your daily itinerary, have you booked any excursions or what are the excursions on offer? What ports will you be stopping at? In the evening do you need to book ahead for specific restaurants or evening entertainment?

Stay On Board

Don’t feel guilty about staying on board if it’s too hot for you, or you are simply too tired. Stay on board an enjoy the range of activities on offer, such as spas, shops, entertainment and the people! Remember you don’t have to disembark at every port and some cruises will take days to get to their destination with no stops. So chill out and enjoy cruising along.


Travelling to any major UK seaport can be gruelling, especially if you live in the East Midlands and you need to travel to Dover or Southampton. You’ll need to factor in traffic, parking costs and if you are departing and arriving from different destinations across the UK. Some cruises offer flights to the destination but arrive back in a UK port. Booking a chauffeur to take you to your departing destination, can relieve this stress.

So why feel stressed before you start cruising? Leicester Executive Chauffeurs will pick you up and take you to any major UK seaport, airport or railway station. Arrive in comfort and style and ready for cruising. Our executive fleet can accomodate groups of up to 16, with plenty of room all of your luggage. Enjoy complementary refreshments, newspapers and 4G Wi-Fi as we drive you to your cruise of a lifetime.

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