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Tips For Business Travel

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Due to globalisation and travel innovation, business travel has never been so in demand. But taking care of your mental well-being and health is often overlooked when travelling. Rather than feeling fatigued when you return, why not read our simple but essential tips for business travel, whether it’s your first trip or a next trip.

Plan Ahead

Fear of the unknown can destabilise business trips. Pick familiar airlines, hotels and even chain restaurants to reduce unnecessary stress on your journey. Pack ready for the weather and ensure clothes need minimal ironing, you have spares just in case and pick dark colours just in case there are any unavoidable mishaps, such as spillages or excessive stress during business meetings which could lead to embarrassing sweat patches. Finally make sure you know your itinerary such as flight time, transfers, scheduled meetings, check-in times and restaurant opening and closing hours.

Create A New Routine

Your routine will inevitably change when you are travelling for business. You may be in a different time zone and suffer from jet lag. So build a new routine around your business trip instead. Research beforehand the airline to fly with, your flight time, your time-zone before and after landing, which hotel you are staying in, when to exercise, what to eat there. Plan your normal activities such as breakfast and sleep around your new time-zone to create a normalised routine.


Business travel doesn’t need to be a negative thing. Relish the independent time you have, however long or limited, without the distractions of friends, pets or family. A positive attitude will result in a more productive and memorable trip, compared to a negative attitude which could result in poor business relations. You could be in a different country, so why not enjoy your business trip during down-time and see what the local sites have to offer, even just try a new cuisine, this will help you feel less stressed.

Jet Lag

Jet lag can be a consequence of business travel, so why not try to reinforce the time-zone of the destination you are travelling to. Set your watch and devices to the country’s time-zone when you get on the plane. Travellers regardless of business or pleasure will look at the time a lot, so get in the routine of a new time-zone to minimise jet lag. Ensure you do the same when returning home.


Sleeping on a plane or in a hotel can be difficult, especially if the climate is hotter than your used to. You can easily become frustrated and stressed. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and don’t think about business. The key is rest, not how much sleep you’ve had but quality sleep. Sleep aides can also help if you are really struggling but ensure you have a wake up service if you are taking sleeping tablets.


Business trips of course offer expenses for three meals a day, rather than overeating. On the opposite end of the scale you may have limited time to eat a full meal and find yourself snacking or/and skipping meals. Ensure your diet is focused on healthy eating, rather than grabbing a quick snack or meal on the go. You’ll feel better and you’re body will thank you for it. Occasional treats are fine though, so don’t feel guilty about trying a new cuisine which could look calorific, have a healthy breakfast the next day, with a light lunch to make up for it.

Stay Hydrated

Planes, hotels and hot countries can be dehydrating. Especially if you are stressed or nervous about a business meeting or event. You may also be too busy to keep hydrated regularly, and be preoccupied with the main goals of the business trip over hydration. Ensure you stay hydrated with water, not coffee or alcohol. This will help you to remain focused so you can achieve your goals.


When travelling you will be exposed to millions of germs, either on the plane, or whilst travelling to and fro. Ensure you wash your hands before eating and carry anti-bac gel if possible. You don’t want to be ill either before you get there or when you get back.

Leicester Executive Chauffeurs

So ensure you follow our tips for business travel, for a more pleasant trip, whether it’s your first or next trip. We offer reliable, professional chauffeur services, so if you need transport to or from a business meeting, airport, seaport or railway station our chauffeurs are here to assist you. Call Leicester Executive Chauffeurs today on 0116 324 0004 or book online today.

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